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Week of June 10-14, 2013

Susan Merrill of has learned that it is not perfection, but passion The Passionate Momthat defines the most effective approach to motherhood. That got our attention and sparked a conversation about her book.

LISTEN   Susan Merrill talks about perfection, the enemy of good moms everywhere.

LISTEN   We asked Susan about how perceptiveness and "pondering" helped her turn around a troubled teen.

LISTEN   You really can parent from a place of patience and passion!

(Click on the book to get details about it.)

Father's Day was looming, June 16, which brought up some powerful, personally revealing memories.

LISTEN   Bill started off by remembering his dad's written encouragement. (Here's a link to Letters from Dad.)

LISTEN   Dave's dad was quiet, but a very powerful presence who made strong, positive impressons on his children and grandchildren.

LISTEN   Carmen had the opposite experience. Remembering how God redeemed the memory of her dad, Carmen shared what it was like growing up with an alcoholic, absentee father.

READ   The newsletter where Carmen discovered her dad had inspired a new ministry.

READ   The rest of the story of redeeming a memory.

LISTEN   The funeral home story--healing is when you can look back and laugh!

Esther has been inspiring people since her book was written, a few hundred years before Christ. Beth Moore's
Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman has been inspiring Carmen for weeks now.

LISTEN   Carmen's inspirational thoughts at the end of her Esther Bible study.

LISTEN   Do you know what Haman's ears look like?

LISTEN   More importantly, do you know how they are correctly pronounced and what they taste like!?