Show Highlights

Week of July 8-12, 2013 

Monday, July 8

LISTEN Bonhoeffer and procrastination in faith 

LISTEN Bonhoeffer and the night of the long knives 

LISTEN Vacation tips 

LISTEN Unplugging on Vacation 


Tuesday, July 9 

LISTEN  Dave shares his upcoming anniversary plans


Wednesday, July 10 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise puts a new game app to the test 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise takes another shot at playing Heads Up, a new game app

LISTEN The Morning Cruise challenges a listener to play the new game app

LISTEN  Bill shares a story about his work "uniform" from his first job


Friday, July 12 

LISTEN Dave remembers his honeymoon

LISTEN Bill's Word Chain Game 

LISTEN Carmen's Word Chain 

LISTEN Summer Vacation Bonhoeffer Assignment