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Week of August 12-16, 2013 


Monday, August 12 

Bill made a trip to the gym with his son, but wasn't sure what to do so he got an app!

LISTEN Bill's trip to the gym


Tuesday, August 13 

Carmen and Bill have new drivers in their households. With new drivers, comes new responsibilities and new rules. So they asked listeners for help coming up with rules. Carmen tried out a new game that she recently played, but it didn't go according to plan. 

LISTEN  Carmen asks for help coming up with rules for teen drivers 

LISTEN  Listeners share their rules 

LISTEN  Carmen use Dave and Bill as guinea pigs for a new game 

LISTEN  Dave shares some of Carmen's recent texts while she was under medication 

LISTEN  The Morning Cruise tries out their texting game with a caller 

LISTEN  The Morning Cruise tries the game with a second caller 

LISTEN  Carmen gets help from Hitch and Barb for her new game


Wednesday, August 14 

Bill discovered that his youngest was playing games with the tooth fairy, and he shares some tips for 20-somethings that might be experiencing the "quarterlife crisis" The Morning Cruise was treated to a little therapy, courtesy of two therapy llamas, Serendipity and Paintball Pete. 

LISTEN Bill's youngest finds ways to get money from the tooth fairy multiple times

LISTEN Bill learns a new word: "quarter-life crisis" 

LISTEN Bill shares 7 tips for 20-somethings

LISTEN Llama Therapy Session- Part 1 

LISTEN Llama Therapy Session- Part 2 

LISTEN Llama Therapy Session- Part 3 


Thursday, August 15 

Dave found an article where atheists are claiming that they are more intelligent than believers. He also found a blog from an atheist that didn't agree with that claim. Carmen found a new toy for Dave and Dave tried it out on-the-air

LISTEN  Study that claims atheists  are more intelligent than believers

LISTEN  An atheist calls out atheists for this study. 

LISTEN  Carmen gave Dave a new toy she found recently

LISTEN  Dave calls a duck  


Friday, August 16 

Carmen shares some fitness tips and Bill re-caps his visit to the gym with a trainer. Bill also wanted to try out a new game to see if it could do any better than Carmen's texting game. We also spent some time with Gregory, a good friend of the show. We are almost finished with Bonhoeffer by Eric Mataxas

LISTEN  7 Fitness Tips - Part 1 

LISTEN  7 Fitness Tips - Part 2 

LISTEN  Bill goes to the gym 

LISTEN  Bill's "Beat the Lemon" Game- Round 1 

LISTEN  Bill's "Beat the Lemon" Game- Round 2 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise chats with Gregory, a great friend of the show 

WATCH Gregory's friend, Josh Wilson, missed a concert in Clearwater recently, but sent this video to share with Gregory and the rest of the audience. 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise is almost done with reading Bonhoeffer by Eric Mataxas