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Week of August 26-30, 2013 



Carmen and Dave are counting down to this weekend and the start of college football. They had some fun asking "Siri" about her favorite teams. Carmen shared Jon Acuff's blog on 'things you can't do when you're not leading worship'.Carmen told the story of Baby Carmen, a baby she met on a previous mission trip to deliver shoes.  The resident bibliophile, Bill, recommended Jon Acuff's book, "Quitter". As a staff, we have been studying along with Andy Stanley's message on Breathing Room. 

LISTEN College Football and Siri 

LISTEN Baby Carmen

LISTEN Jon Acuff's 'Things you can't say when you're not leading worship'

LISTEN Bill discusses Jon Acuff's book, Quitter 

LISTEN Andy Stanley and Breathing Room-Part 1

LISTEN Andy Stanley and Breathing Room-Part 2

WATCH Andy Stanley's Breathing Room Series 



The Morning Cruise broadcasted LIVE from The Redneck Gourmet in Newnan, GA as they continued to collect shoes for the trip to Honduras. While they enjoyed breakfast, they took some time to chat with some friends of the show that will be joining Carmen in Honduras- Santa Paul and MichaelThere seems to be a recent trend of movies being turned into musicals and Dave, Bill and Carmen tried to come up with some other possible movies ready for their turn on Broadway.Dave shared a "five-star" recipe for Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes and a story about a man who returned a 200-year-old bible that he stole from a church. 


LISTEN Musical Movies 

LISTEN Santa Paul sits down with The Morning Cruise to discuss his wardrobe for the trip to Honduras

LISTEN The well-dressed Michael, along with his wife, will join Carmen in Honduras 

LISTEN 200-year-old Bible returned 

LISTEN Dave's "Five-Star" Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

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Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns invited The Morning Cruise over to check the latest in his superhero collection and he was kind enough to allow us to have the WORLD PREMIERE of 3 songs on the new Casting Crowns album coming out in January. Dave also shared the story of Fred Stobaugh and the song he wrote in tribute to his wife of more than 70 years. Ashley of Buckner International, the organization we have partnered with for the shoe donation. 

LISTEN Mark Hall on Superheroes

LISTEN World Premiere of Casting Crowns new song, Thrive

LISTEN World Premiere of Casting Crowns new song, Broken Together 

LISTEN World Premiere of Casting Crowns new song, House of Their Dreams 

LISTEN Fred Stobaugh's song tribute to his wife

LISTEN Ashley from Buckner International 



The Morning Cruise made their first Florida stop to collect shoes for Carmen's mission trip to Honduras. We learned the correct pronunciation for Bearss Avenue in Tampa and Bill and Carmen discussed the outreach that these shoe drives impact. Carmen also shared the story of how she hurt her wrist. 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise gets a pronunciation lesson while they discuss the impact of the shoe collection

LISTEN Carmen's year of medical "issues"



The Morning Cruise kicked off the final day of the shoe drive in Lakeland. While they were there, they met Rachel, who did something very special for her birthday party. In a conversation about the impact of social media, Dave painted a vivid analogy.

LISTEN Rachel's Birthday Party Shoe Drive 

LISTEN Dave paints an analogy