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Week of October 21, 2013 

The Morning Cruise is in Nashville working on a new project with several of your favorite artists. Taking a break from all the work, the musicians sat down with Dave, Bill and Carmen to catch us up with their newest music. 

TUESDAY,  October 22 

Brandon Heath stopped by the studio in Nashville and caught up with Dave, Bill and Carmen. He shared his experiences from the trip to Honduras with Carmen to deliver shoes. And they talked about a few of the songs on his new Christmas album, Christmas Is Here.  Lindsay McCaul also stopped by to chat about the music she has been working on. 

LISTEN Brandon Heath in Honduras Brandon Heath Christmas Is Here

LISTEN Brandon Heath's version of Silent Night

LISTEN Brandon Heath on his new song, Just A Girl 






LISTEN Lindsay McCaul tells us what she's been up to since we last saw her Lindsay McCaul

LISTEN Lindsay McCaul's song she wrote for her father

LISTEN Lindsay and Carmen reminisce about their Alaskan cruise this past Summer 







WEDNESDAY, October 23 

The Morning Cruise continued to work on their project from Nashville and The Grey Area Studios. They sat down with Francesca Battistelli, Molly Reed of City Harbor and their host for the week, Josh Wilson

LISTEN Fishbowl Game Explained 

LISTEN Francesca Battistelli and The Morning Cruise talk food Francesca Battistelli

LISTEN Francesca Battistelli on her music and her mom as an author 


LISTEN Molly Reed of City Harbor on their new song, Come However You Are Molly Reed

LISTEN Molly Reed on being married to Mike Grayson 

LISTEN How to wake up your wife by Molly Reed 


LISTEN Josh Wilson and the Fishbowl game Josh Wilson

LISTEN Josh Wilson on Pushing Back the Dark 

LISTEN Josh Wilson and his RV 





THURSDAY, October 24 

Dave and Bill are back from their top-secret project in Nashville. While they were there, they had the opportunity to sit and chat with Chris August on all that is going on in his life. Bill also shared the story behind a viral video of a dad and his reaction to his son's math grade. The duo had worked together to improve the son's grade. Chris August


LISTEN Chris August- Part 1 

LISTEN Chris August- Part 2

LISTEN Dad reacts to son's math grade 

SEE Viral video of Dad's reaction to son's math grade