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Week of October 28- November 1, 2013 


MONDAY, October 28 

Carmen shared a list of "25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know" from blogger Hannah Brencher.

LISTEN  25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know - Part 1

LISTEN  25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know- Part 2

TUESDAY, October 29

A Simon & Garfunkel song is being credited as the song that helps cure medical ailments.And speaking of medical ailments, we got on a discussion about antibiotics. Bill is known on the show for his appreciation of poetry, and since the state of Florida needs a Poet Laureate we thought he would be a natural fit.  Bill for Poet

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LISTEN Antibiotics Discussion- Part 1 

LISTEN Antibiotics Discussion- Part 2 

LISTEN Florida's Poet Laureate

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WEDNESDAY, October 30 

In response to his nomination for Florida Poet Laureate, Bill wrote an "Acceptance Speech" in the only way a poet of his stature knows how to. 

LISTEN Bill Martin "Acceptance Speech" 

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THURSDAY, October 31 

Carmen recently had an experience that reminded her of what Jesus did for us. While The Morning Cruise was in Nashville last week, they sat down with Dave Frey of Sidewalk Prophets. 

LISTEN Mugshot 

LISTEN Dave Frey- Part 1 

LISTEN Dave Frey- Part 2 


FRIDAY, November 1 

Carmen still has a persistent cough and went looking for some home remedies. Team Freedom is gearing back up for the Gasparilla Distance Classic. Carmen has been working on all of the staff to join this year, and Dave is her biggest challenge. 

LISTEN  Carmen needs a cough remedy 

LISTEN  Listeners help Carmen find a remedy

LISTEN  Carmen asks Dave to join Team Freedom 

LISTEN  Dave answers Carmen's question