Show Highlights

Week of November  4-8, 2013 


MONDAY, November 4 

Dave shared the story of Tino Wallenda. Carmen started a hashtag on Twitter and also got an update from Keila, the young lady she met in Honduras. 

LISTEN  Tino Wallenda 

LISTEN  #TMC28DaysofThanks 

LISTEN  Keila Update 

TUESDAY, November 5 

Carmen got really excited over the strangest thing. Bill shared a study from Tim Keller on Idolatry that he is using for a class at his church. And Dave confronted the elephant in the room. 

LISTEN  Carmen's new pill box 1 

LISTEN  Carmen's new pill box 2 

LISTEN Idolatry 1 

LISTEN Idolatry 2 

LEARN More about Tim Keller and his book, Gospel In Life 

LISTEN Dave confronts the elephant in the room 

LISTEN Dave's issues with running 

LISTEN Dave finds a running app that is perfect for Bill 


WEDNESDAY, November 6

As is our custom on The Morning Cruise, the first Wednesday of the Month is No Net Wednesday! 

LISTEN Caller tells us how his High School Football team has gone on a winning streak and Carmen knows his mom from High School 

LISTEN Caller wants to know how Carmen's year of No Shopping has gone 

LISTEN Caller shares a story about not being perfect 

LISTEN Caller celebrates a milestone with Pumpkin 


THURSDAY, November 7 

When The Morning Cruise was working on their special project in Nashville, they took some time to chat with Matthew West. Dave shared a story about his dad. 


LISTEN  Matthew West- Part 1 

LISTEN  Matthew West- Part 2 

LISTEN  Matthew West- Part 3 

LISTEN  Dave learns a lesson from his dad from others who knew him 


FRIDAY, November 8 

Bill shared the story of a family in Georgia being told to leave the house they are living in while dealing with a daughter dying from Crohn's Disease. Carmen talked about Hospice. Bill also talked about a practice used in  the Supreme Court. 


LISTEN  Georgia Family losing house and dealing with Crohn's Disease

LISTEN  Hospice Care 

LISTEN  How the Supreme Court justices communicate with each other