Show Highlights

Week of February 24-28, 2014 


MONDAY, February 24th 

This past weekend was full of stories from Team Freedom as they raised $114,260.14 for Abolition International during the Gasparilla Classic. Dave and Carmen shared the story of finding the last runner from Team Freedom still on the course and finishing the event with her. Nicole, who helped with the Pasta Party shared a powerful moment from that night. Carmen had a "Lucy" moment with her wardrobe and Dave got a gift from a  crafty Team Freedom runner. 

LISTEN Last Runner In palette signs

LISTEN Caller shares a story from the Pasta Party 

LISTEN Wardrobe Malfunction 

LISTEN Palette Signs 






TUESDAY,February 25th

Dave shared frustrations of people coming in late for worship with some listeners. He then told us about his wife and their pets. Bill shared a blog from Justin and Trisha Davis on fighting for marriage. 

LISTEN Late To Worship 

LISTEN Late To Worship Callers 

LISTEN Dave's family pets 

LISTEN Fighting for Marriage 

LISTEN Dave preps his son for marriage 


WEDNESDAY, February 26th 

Carmen is talked into trying out a new fitness place. Dave, not interested in the fitness talk, shares sentence diagramming with Bill. 

LISTEN Carmen and Orange Theory 

LISTEN Callers tell Carmen about Orange Theory- Part 1 

LISTEN Callers tell Carmen about Orange Theory- Part 2 

LISTEN Dave and Bill on sentence diagramming 


THURSDAY, February 27th 

Today is  Shine A Light On Slavery Day. Bill tells us what it takes to free a victim of human trafficking. Carmen shares her experience of meeting a victim of human trafficking. Bill has a dilemma that Dave tries to help him out with for Brandon Heath's upcoming wedding in Nashville. Dave shares the story of Julio and the mugger. 

LISTEN How To Free A Slave 

LISTEN Surprise Ending to Team Freedom Weekend 

LISTEN Making Bill hipster 

LISTEN Julio and the mugger