Police Officer Listens to The JOY FM


Published: 03/18/2012

by E.M.


I am a police officer with in the listening area. I love this station and all it offers. I first heard of this station when a friend asked me about some shoes [Shoes for Orphan Souls]??  I thought what, then they explained to me about how this "radio station" was helping people in other countries etc., get shoes and other needs to people. I listened to what they were saying but did not think much of it.

It was not till I took a good look at myself and remembered what it was like growing up poor and without. I then switched from one station to 91.5 The JOY FM. I was on night shift when I (crying) realized what our God had blessed me with. I did get some shoes and drop them off (Carmen would be proud). But the over all of this station and all its programming that we don't see is what got me.

I now look at people and how I handle situations totally different. I actually feel like at times I wish I could take these troubled youth and broken families to my house to help them more, but I then realize just telling them about how Christ loves us does great (TRUTH). The reaction of people who I have actually have had to arrest with use of force, once they sit in the rear seat of my patrol car and hear (Third Day's) Revelation, is life changing. It is amazing to see them go from cursing and hating life to praying and asking for forgiveness.

I just wanted you to know how important the work you guys are doing is to us all. I thank God everyday for people like you and your co-workers and for this radio station.
Be safe and continue to give it all to God. - E.M.