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Not Ready for Retirement

Published: 06/05/2012 by Dave Sturkey of New Career Quest in Career / Employment

Not Ready for Retirement

Many people in our economy are facing pressures to consider early retirement or are being forced into retirement because of a lack of career opportunity.

Gift Card Drive Raises $146,000

In a three-hour gift card drive for victims of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes in Northeast Alabama, The JOY FM’s Gift Cards for Alabama effort raised $146,000.

Humility in Relationships

I'll never forget the first time I discovered what a feeling was. It was in my early forties. "Surely not!" you may be thinking. Yes, it is true. Since then, I have discovered many men still live in this condition.

Hit Film "COURAGEOUS" Changes Lives of Police Officers Worldwide

Story of Family, Faith Among First Responders Continues to Resonate

How a 25-cent Meal is Feeding Children Everywhere

Learn how one quarter could be the answer to feeding hungry children around the globe. CEO and President, Don Campbell, explains in this Orlando Sentinel article how he and his team started Feeding Children Everywhere from scratch.

The JOY FM Welcomes Project 3 to Tampa - August 25 -31, 2012

On a hot, humid Tampa Wednesday, I made my way to the KForce parking lot. It was a little more difficult to navigate there than usual, thanks to the extra security in town because of the Republican National Convention, occurring a few blocks away.

The Dangers of Overcontrol

A friend of mine who is a jet pilot once told me that whenever a jet goes out of control and begins to spin, the only thing to do is totally take your hands off the controls and the plane will right itself.

Team Freedom raises nearly $60,000 for Abolition International

130 women--and two guys--donned tiaras and ran a half marathon at Walt Disney World to raise support and awareness for Natalie Grant's Abolition International.

The Crossing Church packs 250,000 Meals for Haiti

Hundreds of volunteers joined the movement to end childhood hunger and packaged over 250,000 meals in one day. We know that together, we are Feeding Children Everywhere. One quarter, one heart, one life.

10 Ways to Pray For Your Child

At some point, every parent realizes that they can’t control everything for their child. A wise parent gets on their knees and seeks the wisdom and help of God: the one who created your child, and loves them even more than you do!