Team Freedom raises nearly $60,000 for Abolition International


Published: 04/02/2012

by Carmen Brown


On Sunday February 26, recent Dove Female Vocalist nominee Natalie Grant and The JOY FM's morning show host, heard in Tampa and Atlanta, Carmen Brown, along with 132 team members laced up their tennis shoes and ran 13.1 miles for freedom in the 2012 Disney ½ Princess Marathon in Orlando, FL. Together, "Team Freedom" raised nearly $60,000 for Grant's foundation, Abolition International, an organization that is combating domestic and international sex trafficking through accreditation, advocacy, education, and restoration.

"Not only does human trafficking happen halfway around the world, it happens in less mileage from my home than I signed up to run," says The JOY FM's Carmen Brown. "We mobilized our community to shine some light in this horrible darkness. They did."

Over the past several months, The JOY FM listeners and fans of Grant were encouraged to join "Team Freedom" and support the cause by either participating in the marathon, through financial support, or through prayer. A year later, all was reaped. Through the race participants alone, $49,281 was raised, and a generous donor matched $719 which evened the total to $50,000 for the evening. Furthermore, through online supporters, nearly $10,000 was given making the grand total almost $60,000.

"When I thought I couldn't make it to the finish line, I kept reminding myself that this was for a cause so much greater than myself," says Grant as she reflects on the event. "I am free to run. And I will continue to fight until many others experience that same freedom."

Earlier in the weekend, Grant gave a special intimate performance for her team as they enjoyed a carb-loading pasta dinner hosted by The Joy FM and Abolition International, where a check was presented to Grant and Abolition International for the funds raised prior to the online support. The next morning the team headed out to Orlando to prepare for and run the half marathon.


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