The Favorite Movie

In Theaters September 7th!

The Favorite Movie - In Theaters September 7th

Inspired By True Events


One Brother Fights For His Life, The Other Fights To Be The Favorite

In Theaters September 7th, Rated PG-13. 



About the Movie

Benjamin Bernard has always wanted to be the favorite son, but his brother Luke is loved more or so he perceives. He might perceive this because, Luke is a soccer player, and it's his father, Daniel's, favorite sport. To cope with his anger and resentment Benjamin became a mixed martial arts fighter.

The two grown brothers are on a date with their girlfriends, Ashley and Rebecca, when a tragic car accident takes place, resulting in a fatality and leaving Luke battling for his life.

The brothers must fight not only for Lukes life, but for their relationship with each other, their friends, family, and God. One brother is healed physically and the other is transformed spiritually. In this family dynamic, they experience love, forgiveness, loss, healed relationships, and ultimately the realization that we are all God's favorite.

The Favorite is inspired by events that took place in Luke Bernard’s life after a near fatal car accident which resulted in a “miracle” of healing. Luke walked out of LA County Hospital to the amazement of his doctors and nurses after his parents were told not to expect him to live.

Dove Approved   Awarded the Dove Approved 12+ Seal. Click here for the full review.

A few words from Luke Bernard

I somehow believed I had to be this “perfect” Christian in order to be loved by God. I would go to Church and strive to be “perfect” but when I was with others I tried to please them by being a funny drunk. I had a battle within to be a “perfect” Christian or a party animal. While this battle was taking place in my life, I had a single car accident in LA. I experienced God’s grace and mercy by being healed miraculously.

One night I had a vivid dream of two brothers with one depicting my physical healing and the other my spiritual awakening. I believe God was wanting me to write my dream into a feature film script even though I have never written a script before. I finished writing the first 88 page draft in one month when six months before I was in rehab relearning how to write my name.

I know my battle of not being the favorite is something we all experience whether it be in our school, work, family, or with God. The Favorite will open people’s eyes that their perception of God’s love is wrong. The message in The Favorite is “Everyone is God’s favorite.”

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