Breakfast Sessions

The Breakfast Sessions

A look into life outside the office for Jayar & the family

July 9 2018

Jayar and Hans go out for breakfast this morning.

June 28 2018

A look into the random craziness of the morning conversation.

June 14 2018

Jayar joins the kids and his niece at the breakfast table for a chat about potatos and stereotyping.

June 13 2018

Today the family discusses the latest World Cup announcement!

June 11 2018

Jayar finds the breakfast table empty this morning, and explores the house to see what everyone is up to.

June 4 2018

For today's breakfast session, while Jayar is away, Tiger Lily does an interview with Hans!

June 1 2018

Some craziness around the breakfast table today featuring Hans' friend Count Dooku.

May 24 2018

Today the family celebrates Jayar's wife's birthday at the breakfast table!