Breakfast Sessions

The Breakfast Sessions

A look into life outside the office for Jayar & the family

April 25 2018

Jayar chats with the family about what it may be like to be stranded on a deserted island

April 23 2018

Jayar & Tiger Lily go over the highlights of their weekend together!

April 20 2018

Jayar agrees to go line dancing with his wife.

April 18 2018

Tiger Lily breaks down the news headlines this morning.

April 17 2018

Jayar and the girls discuss his not-so-near-death experience with a 24-hour flu.

April 13 2018

A heavy chat with Hans about the fate of the Stormtroopers.

April 12 2018

Jayar and Tiger Lily have a chat about self-expression, makeup, and facial hair.

April 11 2018

Jayar and Tiger Lily discuss her magical pancake recipe.