Breakfast Sessions

The Breakfast Sessions

A look into life outside the office for Jayar & the family

April 10 2018

Jayar has a chat with Hans about World War II relics and royal weddings.

April 9 2018

A very musical breakfast session!

April 6 2018

Jayar and his wife have a discussion that could be a little controversial.

April 4 2018

Jayar & Queen Amadala chat about Twitter and homeschool at the breakfast table.

April 3 2018

Hans & Jayar take a look at today's news headlines.

April 2 2018

Today's session starts with Tiger Lily, until Jayar hears something unexpected across the house.

March 29 2018

Hans discusses his upcoming first episode of StoryTime With Jayar's Kids!

March 28 2018

Jayar chats with Tiger Lily (Formerly Princess Elsa,) about the importance of remembering our lesser-known presidents in history.