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Aftercare Support - PT

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Location:St.petersburg, FL (Pinellas County)
Company:Northside Christian School
7777 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709
St.Petersburg , FL 33709


Report to work as scheduled and on time 2. Responsible for preparing and submitting required lesson plans 3. Responsible for setup prior to student arrival 4. Responsible for “closing” after last student’s dismissal 5. Maintain attendance, student discipline and/or accident reports on a daily basis 6. Keep accurate records of arrival and dismissal of students 7. Maintain a safe atmosphere and environment 8. Correctly dismiss children to their parents 9. Develop an open, nurturing relationship with students and their parents 10. Maintain excellent discipline and student control 11. Make each student feel special and respected 12. Administer first aid, physical and emotional, to injured students and keep records 13. Other duties as assigned by the Director


1. Able to work independently with minimal supervision 2. Flexibility to incorporate multiple tasks 3. Maintain accurate record of personal attendance by using PaycomOnline 4. Attend meetings, school sponsored parent meetings, graduations, annual banquets, fundraisers, school events and on occasion, NBC events, as required 5. Demonstrate in speech, actions and attitude a consistent walk with Jesus Christ as outlined in the Northside Christian School Doctrinal Statement and Models of Truth documents 6. Be consistent in personal reading and studying of the Bible 7. Have an ongoing involved relationship in a local church 8. Be available to be used by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual encouragement of students and teachers and staff members 9. Share personal faith with students 10. Demonstrate a positive spirit which searches for the best in students and colleagues

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