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Account Relationship Manager

Posted:October 7, 2021 (posted 57 days ago)View All Jobs
Location:Lutz, FL (Hillsborough County)
Company:ClearTrust, LLC
16540 Pointe Village Dr, Ste 205
Lutz, FL 33558


Helps us meet the growing demand for ClearTrust's shareholder services by engaging with c-suite executives during the sales cycle and beyond. Our clients are community banks, publicly traded companies, and growing private companies. Your role would be to walk prospective clients through the on-boarding process, including answering their questions and ensuring a smooth transition plan. Once the client is on-boarded, you would continue to be a friendly contact to whom they can turn. In addition, your input about expanding the business and entering new markets would be highly valued. Pay range $25-45/hour (or salary equivalent) plus bonuses, based on experience and skill set.


The ideal candidate has experience working with c-suite executives, is vision-oriented, self-motivated, organized, ethically-grounded, and collaborative. Must be comfortable assisting in closing transactions and leading on-boarded processes that involve several moving parts. This requires strategic thinking and creativity at times. Must have a basic understanding of the financial services industry, and be able to learn and retain industry knowledge. Importantly, the ideal candidate will see his/her work as fitting into a bigger, transcendent picture, and will be motivated to contribute to something that blesses not just himself/herself, but others as well.

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1. Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we stand for: 2. Pray about this opportunity. 3. If you feel led, email your resume to Kara Kennedy:

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