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Dave and Bill's field trip to McDonald's

View Full Post   A few weeks ago, we discussed how McDonald's was making their Big Mac Secret Sauce available by the bottle. That led to more speculation from Dave, a former McDonald's employee, on how they do things these days. Donovan owns a few locations nearby and invited Dave and Bill for a tour to see how things are truly done. General Manager, Zella, talks with Dave and Bill about her job with McDonald's Dave and Bill in the kitchen with Donovan Donovan walks Dave through the current process of making a…

Mandisa's Back!

View Full Post   Mandisa called Dave, Bill and Carmen to tell us about her battle against depression and her new song, Unfinished.

Jayar's Interview with Judah Smith

View Full Post   We're all big fans of Judah Smith around The JOY FM. Recently, Jayar had the opportunity to chat with Judah. We loved what they had to share and wanted to share it as well.  

Chris August - In Studio

View Full Post   Chris August joined The Morning Cruise in the studio this morning. To see Chris along with Jonny Diaz at Christian Retreat Center, visit christianretreat.org for more info.

Beth Moore at Passion 2017 Conference

View Full Post   Beth Moore was one of the speakers this year at Passion 2017 in Atlanta. Dave, Bill and Carmen were in attendance at the conference and shared some of what she had to say to the thousands of college students…