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In-Studio with Matthew West

View Full Post   Matthew West joined Dave, Bill and Carmen this morning. He's got a lot going on with a new book (Hello, My Name Is), new album and upcoming tour with Jordan Feliz later this fall!  Matthew is known for writing songs about the stories shared by many of his fans. He has a new website where you can share your story with him at popwe.org.     Improv Songs with Matthew on Facebook Live  Matthew shared the story of Brooke. She recently lost her battle with Cancer. 

Justin & Trisha Davis Family Adoption

View Full Post   Justin and Trisha Davis, the couple who told their marriage reconciliation story in the book, Beyond Ordinary, are expanding their family through adoption. They've set up a youcaring.com page to help offset…

JOY Story #3 - Alex & Jocelyn

View Full Post   Meet Alex & Jocelyn. Like many of you that we hear from, they have walked the hard road of infertility. Watch their story and see how they share so vulnerably what it was like to give up control. We hope…

Mandisa In-Studio with The Morning Cruise

View Full Post   Mandisa joins Dave, Bill and Carmen this morning to talk about her new album, Out Of The Dark.  LINKS FROM THE CONVERSATION  Abide App- A prayer app. Mandisa also has a devotional in the app for people…

Matthew West's New Book, Hello My Name Is

View Full Post   Matthew West joined the show this morning, to talk about his new book, Hello My Name Is, and about his concert later tonight in Atlanta!       

Kristina | JOY Stories

View Full Post   Meet Kristina, and her mom, Linda. Kristina is a young wife & mom. A year & a half ago, Kristina suffered a brainstem stroke that has left her “locked in” her body. What does this mean? This means that…

Help We Are Messengers

View Full Post   Early Sunday Morning, the bus carrying the band We Are Messengers was involved in an accident on I-75, just south of Atlanta.Everyone on board the bus is okay, however, the driver of the other vehicle…

Dave and Bill's field trip to McDonald's

View Full Post   A few weeks ago, we discussed how McDonald's was making their Big Mac Secret Sauce available by the bottle. That led to more speculation from Dave, a former McDonald's employee, on how they do things these…

Mandisa's Back!

View Full Post   Mandisa called Dave, Bill and Carmen to tell us about her battle against depression and her new song, Unfinished.

Jayar's Interview with Judah Smith

View Full Post   We're all big fans of Judah Smith around The JOY FM. Recently, Jayar had the opportunity to chat with Judah. We loved what they had to share and wanted to share it as well.