The Morning Cruise Replay - All Under Control

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Carmen is back in her seat and she got to work with some thoughts on leadership and keeping things under control by saying "No". That led to a little more conversation on setting boundaries and self-awareness. 

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of her album, 'Control',  Janet Jackson is selling NFT's. We tried to get a control on what exactly an NFT is and over cryptocurrency fears. 

Carmen took control of the music from Dave for a moment to play the newest offering from CeCe Winans, "Believe For It". 

We'll be out and about this afternoon with our Drive-Thru Sticker Stops. Come on by and get your decal or magnet! 

Idols can sometimes control our behaviors. Bill gave us a tour of the Idol Factory in the Book of Isaiah. That reminded Carmen of a message from Andy Stanley on Fear. 

The pandemic has led to a lot of things feeling out of control. And it may have contributed to the Girl Scouts feeling like they lost control of their cookie sales in Atlanta. 

For his BIG Word of the Day, Bill tried to help us once again with the NFTs and getting a better control on that whole idea. 


00:33 Best Leaders Say No

06:05 Text Responses

09:15 Boundaries and Self-Awareness

12:29 Sticker Stops

15:23 Janet Jackson NFT’s

20:58 Crypto fears

24:21 CC Winans song

27:31 Reactions to the song

28:39 Sticker Stops this afternoon

30:55 Idol Factory

36:42 Andy Stanley and Fear

41:14 Unsold Girl Scout Cookies in Atlanta

45:32 Bill’s BIG Word

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