The Morning Cruise Replay - A Family Affair

Monday, June 21, 2021

It was all about the family today on The Morning Cruise as we shared how Dave and Bill celebrated Father's Day. Bill also celebrated his birthday over the weekend. And they are both on "baby watch". One of our favorite musical families was in concert on this past Friday and Carmen shared some of the highlights as We The Kingdom entertained the crowds. 

And we're all watching things in nature grow as well. Dave is watching butterflies in his backyard. Carmen is watching orchids and Bill has his eye on succulents. 

00:32 Karen's stepmom rearranges furniture 

02:59 Dave's Father's Day 

06:31 Bill's Birthday and Father's Day 

10:06 Danielle on baby watch 

13:46 Bart Millard's Instagram post for Father's Day 

16:38 We The Kingdom in concert 

17:54 Ed Cash and How Great Is Our God 

24:01 Frannie's voice on Peace 

26:42 Summer Solstice 

30:20 Ranch Pickles 

32:26 Looking forward to college football and Tour De France 

35:00 Adam's Dad Bod 

37:26 Dave's Butterflies 

43:34 Butterfly caller 

46:43 Bill's BIG Word 

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