The Morning Cruise Replay - Train 'Em Up Right

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dave's got a new app to learn after having to replace his garage door. Bill's got a documentary series to share lessons in history with his sons, especially in light of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. With our parody of Fancy Like, a few of the guys around the office had to learn the dance for Givin' Like. And in that video, one eagle-eyed viewer trained their eyes on the background in Carmen's office. 

Ever wonder if cows could be potty trained? Wonder no more! A recent study found that it is possible. Dave told us about and we had a few laughs, especially when we heard from one caller who has trained a goat and some ducks. 

We've all got a lot to learn. And for Gen Z, it can feel like a lot. So Carmen shared a letter she found on Instagram from a Texas pastor, Jonathan Pokluda. 

The Sharathon train will be pulling through next week and it's your chance to jump aboard with us. 

For a new believer, a lesson in prayer usually starts with The Lord's Prayer. Bill told us how that prayer can help in our prayer struggles and Carmen taught us on how to fight the enemy's strategies. 

And as always, Professor Martin, finished the show with a BIG Word for those that show interest in that sort of thing. 


00:33 Dave's Garage Door Woes 

05:22 9/11 Drive Thru History 

09:42 9/11 Reflections and emotions

13:24 Givin' Like Dance Video 

19:17 Signs on Carmen's door 

23:09 Potty Trained Cows 

28:03 Caller potty trains goat and ducks 

29:35 Jonathan Pokluda's message to Gen Z

35:25 Sharathon Family 

39:34 Lord's Prayer 

45:13 Enemy's Strategies 

47:41 Bill's BIG Word 

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