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The Morning Cruise Replay - Self-Reflection and Not Forsaken

Monday, June 03, 2019

View Full Post   We spent the morning doing some self-reflection and then shared the first part of our conversation with Louie Giglio on his book, Not Forsaken. 

The Morning Cruise Replay - In Review

Friday, May 31, 2019

View Full Post   We reviewed a couple of food related apps and some viral videos, Carmen gave an overview of enneagrams, and Bill previewed some possible vacation options.

The Morning Cruise Replay - Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, May 30, 2019

View Full Post   Dave, Bill and Carmen gave us a lot to think about on this Thursday edition of The Morning Cruise. 

The Morning Cruise Replay - They're Back and Inspired!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

View Full Post   After spending last week in Atlanta (and DC) and taking an extra day for the Memorial Day weekend, The Morning Cruise is back and inspired from their recent travels and a few news stories as well! 

The Morning Cruise Replay - Not Forsaken Friday

Friday, May 24, 2019

View Full Post   As we come to the end of a hectic week, we shared some conversation that we recorded with Louie Giglio about his book, Not Forsaken. More of that conversation is to come in the next few weeks, but we had…

The Morning Cruise Replay - Slightly Flawed

Thursday, May 23, 2019

View Full Post   We're not afraid to share our flaws and Carmen stepped up with a Lucy moment at the White House and we explored the flaws of talking on the phone in an airplane. While Dave found some flaws in a study…

The Morning Cruise Replay - All About Adulting

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

View Full Post   Dave and Bill had a lot on their minds when it comes to adulting this morning! 

The Morning Cruise Replay - A Flourishing Bromance

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

View Full Post   With Carmen out, Jayar joined Dave and Bill to have some male bonding time on today's episode of The Morning Cruise.

The Morning Cruise Replay - That's Encouraging!

Monday, May 20, 2019

View Full Post   We shared quite a few encouraging stories this morning on The Morning Cruise. Most notably, from the Books of Ephesians and Isaiah!   

The Morning Cruise Replay - A Commencement To The Weekend

Friday, May 17, 2019

View Full Post   We got you ready for the weekend with talks of daycations, a debate on washing your legs, S'mores, job searching, and parenting advice.