Storytime with Jayar's Kid


Story Time with Jayar's Kid


When imagination meets a microphone!
I record my kids stories
and then we add a producer’s touch!


Han's first story of Luke and Leah in the jungle
A story that came from Princess Elsa after observing her parents bedroom
Hans and Princess Elsa create "Episode 60- The Archer Family; A Family of Pirates!"
Jayar's son Han's teams up with his sister to create his first story! 2 kids that start a restaurant in Central Park. Their first patron is Darth Vader who turned out to be a great customer!
Christmas Story 2015. The first time all 3 of Jayar's kids collaborated on a story!
The Thanksgiving Fairy tries to give her holiday some Christmas pizazz!
Holly from SummerVille decides to make a snow machine!
The story of Diamond the cooking hamster and her visit to Top Chef
An Easter Story from Jayar's middle child
A Valentines Day story is not complete without a King/Queen and a time machine!
4th Annual Christmas Story!
A Family of British Turkeys that save Thanksgiving!
Jayar's 10 Year Old's story of a 3 horned monster getting trapped in the human world and landing on the Needtobreathe tour!
2 Honey Bears get lost in Candy Land Forest
Jayar's middle child makes up a story based on what she sees in The JOY FM's fridge
Sophia the 1st and her mother engage in an epic battle with Jack Frost
Seth the Bear plays his banjo for change outside of a JC Penney
Santa and Mrs. Clause - The Early Years
Pixar Family Shipwrecked and Invaded
Jayar's 9-year-old's story of "A bubble family and their day at 6 Flags"
For the first time, both of Jayar's girls create a story together... this one about a lost Egyptian treasure and a talking chair!
Jayar's 6-year-old and the Birthday Piñata Surprise
Lucky the Talking Dog from Las Vegas
Coco from Boom Boom Planet travels to London
Leah and Tito save Hawaii from chocolate rain and marshmallow hail
Poodle the Dog and Alexa the Dog get married
"Rover the Apple gets separated from his daughters just before the Daddy Daughter Dance… featuring a Ninja worm!"
"Jayar’s youngest daughter – Clora the Elephant defeats a Lion after eating Banana pancakes!"
"Summer the Dolphin loses power at her Ice Cream shop!"
"Jayar’s oldest daughter deliver’s a new Christmas story- Edgar the Elf saves Christmas!"
"Samuel in Parrish Florida submits a sequel to the Dunkin Donut story!"
"Jayar's 5 Year Old Gets Her First Story!"
"Calvin the Calf and the Great Pumpkin Patch"
"Pooger the Magical Corndog and his Adventures in Space"
"Chevy and Mini's African Adventure"
"Gator Buddies in the Bayou"
"The Royal Love Bug Wedding"
"Larry the Leprechaun and Girty the Gogurt Cow"
"Sheila the blueberry’s underwater adventure"
"Sammy the Soccer Ball"
"Mario and Luigi"
"Carlos Pena- The boy with wings"
"Christmas Story- Swizzle the Frozen Strawberry visits the North Pole"
"Dunkin and Donut and the Pirate Adventure"
"Gak the Lonely Giant and his fashion show"
"Sheree the Kind dragon rescues the Fiddler"
"A story within a story"
"Beauty the Irish princess marries Derrick from Canada"
"Slappy the Surf board meets some new pals"
"The Puffer fish finds his family"
"Leo the flying Lion and his family"
"Grover the Gummy worm finds his wife"
"Pooger the Magical corn dog"
"Pink Dragon world"

"Brietta the Princess loses her crown to

Joshua the bad guy and his Les Miserables family"

"A gummy bear’s adventures"
"A little Horse dances at the Ball"
"Her First Story"