Music Support

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What song just played?

On our homepage below our listen live options, you will see a box that identifies the song now playing, the current show on-air and a link to our recently played songs. Click here to see a log of songs we have played up to a week ago.

I would like to request a song!

Please send an email to Please understand that because of time constraints, we cannot always air the songs that are requested.

I'm a local artist. Can The JOY FM play my music?

The JOY FM encourages local artists to ‘bloom where you are planted”. Click here to view our airplay policy.

How are the Top 20 songs chosen?

The Top 20 is based on the 20 most frequently played songs in our playlist each week.

How can I help choose the music I hear on The JOY FM?

Easy! Vote for your favorite songs using the widget on the home page to the right of the Recently Played section, or click here to download our mobile app to vote wherever you are!

Can I listen online with my desktop computer?

Yes! You can listen to using our streaming player on your desktop computer. Click here to go to our Listen Live page.

Do you have smartphone apps?

Absolutely! Download our app and listen to us anywhere, vote for your favorite songs and even look for app exclusive contests! Click here to find our mobile apps.

I have a problem with the app

Click here to contact our Technical Support team. To help us identify potential issues, please be specific and include the type of device you're using and the operating system version, if possible.

How can I find out when my favorite song will play next?

Sign up for song alerts and be sure to hear your favorite song when it airs. To sign up for song alerts, click on the green “song alerts” bar in the top of the box next to our recently played section on our homepage. There, you can search for your favorite song by artist or song title and sign up to receive text messages, emails or twitter alerts before the song plays next.

How do I unsubscribe from song alerts?

Click here for instructions on how to unsubscribe from song alerts.