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Dan Brodie

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Dan is a “g e n u I n e” laid-back Texan.  Adopted as a newborn, his early years were spent living on various U.S. Army bases until at the tender age of 7 his dad was killed by a sniper’s bullet during a special ops mission in Vietnam.  From that time on, Dan grew up in Marshall, Texas with his mom, Esther Ann.

In High School he played Varsity Football and Baseball and in Journalism Class met the girl he would eventually marry.   He’s had a passion for broadcast communication from as early as 5th grade when his best friend Dave Lyons entered a contest to be a Friday night guest announcer at a local radio station.  He went with Dave that night and manned the phone; then the next week he got to be the guest announcer.

The summer he was to be married he was working part-time on a country station.  Understanding the power and impact of music, he dedicated a special song to his future mother-in-law knowing that she loved Willie Nelson.  He played “Blue Skies” for her and said, “Don’t worry, Nadine. I’ll take good care of her.”  He was a hit with Kim’s mom. And he lived up to his promise, because Dan & Kim continue to be happily married and good friends after more than 30+ years.  

Dan has been with The JOY FM for close to 20 years.  When Dan talks about coming down to The JOY FM for the first time he always tells the story of going to a Steven Curtis Chapman / Geoff Moore concert in Lakeland.  The song that spoke to his heart that night was “I’m Divin’ In.”  That’s all it took; Dan was completely hooked, lined, and sinkered!  He moved his family to Florida in 2000, and now has 4 grown children. 

Blessed with the patience of an avid fisherman, a strong faith in God, and an ever-present sense of humor, Dan negotiates the curves of life with a positive outlook and a ready smile.  Dan Brodie!  You’re gonna love Dan!  “Music with a Purpose” is his motto.  Tune to Dan in the middle of your work “daze” 10AM-3PM, and you’re sure to feel the stress fade!