Kris Byerly

Kris Byerly

"Kris P. Kreme" Director of Imaging and Production

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About Kris Byerly

Hi, I'm Kris P. Kreme ... That's not my name, it's just what stuck. I'm the Director of Imaging and Production for The JOY FM. Born and raised in Florida, yet you’ll find me doing karaoke more than you’ll find me at the beach!

Married, with two of the most beautiful boys you’ll ever see in your life!

When I’m not writing scripts to image the station, or producing bits to make you laugh … You’ll find me writing music, running trails and playing with my boys.

My favorite JOY FM artists: Jordan Feliz, Unspoken and Jars of Clay

Favorite TV show: Sherlock, The IT Crowd, The Great British Bake Off … Anything BBC related really

Favorite Colors: Purple and Black (even though it’s not a color)

Something I've never done: Never been tazed … well, on purpose.

What I've been learning about God: Grace is not just the pastors daughters name.