Luisa Rodriguez

Luisa Rodriguez

JOY Worship Host & Receptionist/Audience Services

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Hey Friend, I thought maybe you would like to know a little about me. I’m originally from New York and moved to Florida a over 25 years ago knowing this is where the Lord wanted me to be. I was called a “New Yorican” so I guess I would be called a “Florican” here. You guessed it…I’m Puerto Rican although my mom was English and Native American Indian so my household kind of reminded me of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from the “I Love Lucy Show.” My Mom spoke perfect English while my Dad had a thick Spanish accent, he was amusing and my friends loved him. I have to admit I lead a quite life compared to my other brothers and sisters here in ministry. Did you see Jayar’s bio? My gosh, he has been everywhere. He is much more interesting, but don’t worry, I like my quite life. I covet peace. LOL!

I’m so grateful the Lord rescued me from the bad path I was headed for. When I moved to Florida I applied for work in the Medical field as a hospital Cardio Tech and after 5 years the Lord directed me to fulltime ministry here at the JOY FM. I had no interest in radio but loved the Lord so I started as a prayer partner and for some reason I was asked to come join this wonderful JOY FM family. I knew that was a direct call from the Lord. I served in different capacities as The JOY FM ministry grew. I served in Promotions, Office work and did a short stint on air on the weekends back then on “Weekend Wake-up with Luisa Marie.” I decided to back away from the on-air thing to continue my college education after work. Right now I work in Audience Services and Reception and hoped to have the opportunity to return to on-air one day to encourage people in the Lord. Now I’m so grateful the Lord has given me this privilege and opportunity as one of the hosts on JOY Worship. I pray I can be a blessing to you as we worship Him together.