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The Vision God has given Pastor Herbert H. Neverson and Prophetess Rosemary Collins Neverson for the ministries which he's given them to Govern over has no boundaries. We are a 5 Fold Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry under an Apostolic and Prophetic mantle. God has called us to be different to go outside the 4 walls of the church. To be like Moses which leads the people out of bondage that they don't die in the wilderness but to provide the life giving water which gives them everlasting... eternal life. God has placed a mantle on our lives for the Nations to accomplish Kingdom Works in unity with Men and Women of God around the world. This is the hour of the greatest Awakening within the body of God that man has never seen. Rosemary Collins Neverson Ministries at ABC LW has a mandate from God as multicultural ministries to Awaken, Disciple, Empower and Equip the body of God by bridging the gaps between the brethren within the body of God which have separated the body by cultures, denominations and ethnicities. 1 Corinthians 9:22 God is awakening his church in this hour from the Remnant of the Called out one's. Ekklesia: "out from and to"... the people called out from the world and into God.. His eternal kingdom. To win the lost at any cost, a place where everybody is somebody. Every part of the body of God matters as we show the love of God in UNITY. KINGDOM CONNECTIONS... KINGDOM MINDSETS... PRODUCE KINGDOM WORKS.

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