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Atlas Fiduciary Financial

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ATLAS FIDUCIARY FINANCIAL is an independent, fee-only- fiduciary certified financial planning and investment firm. Our signed fiduciary oath, our advanced financial degrees/certifications and years of experience enable us to recommend smarter financial solutions in your best interest.

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Atlas Fiduciary Financial
1577 Fruitville Rd
Sarasota, FL 34236
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Our genuine desire to help people achieve their financial goals translates to excellent personalized service. SUPERIOR QUALIFICATIONS (HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION & EXPERENCE) • Our members hold the highest levels of education in the profession with at least a BA or MBAs in accounting, finance, and economics, while the partners hold a MS and a Ph.D. in financial planning. • Our members all hold a CFP® at minimum and members also hold the other most relevant credentials in the profession including, CFA, CPA, CLU, ChFC. • We are continuous learners, investing in our human capital allows us to offer smarter solutions in a dynamic world. PURE 100% FIDUCIARY AND FEE-ONLY • We legally commit in writing to working as pure (100% of the time) fiduciary and fee-only advisors which means all recommendations are always unbiased and objective. • We are members of NAPFA (the only organization monitoring Fee-Only advisors) and are restricted from commissions or compensation from any source other than you - our client. This means all recommendations are merit based. • True independence (unencumbered by an organization) means we have no boss or shareholders who could influence our recommendations. Our only boss is you - our client. PARTNERSHIP • By working with you (not for you) we help you achieve your best life using money as a tool. PROACTIVE & DISCIPLINED (ONGOING AND AT KEY TRANSITIONS IN YOUR LIFE) • Life transitions cause financial stress making it difficult to make the right decisions. • We listen deeply to uncover your unique needs. • We educate and explain pros/cons of each potential solution to empower your decisions. PEACE OF MIND (THROUGH ORGANIZATION AND PREPAREDNESS) • We help protect you against risk by controlling the controllable. • We help you stay focused and on track to achieve your goals. SATISFACTION • Our client relationships are genuine and rewarding. • We are grateful and humbled to do meaningful work contributing to our client’s well-being.

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