Josh Wilson

with Citizen Way at the 2018 Chasco Fiesta
Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson

with Citizen Way at the 2018 Chasco Fiesta

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  • Josh Wilson Josh Wilson

    About Josh Wilson:

    Josh Wilson is a singer-songwriter with chart-topping hits including “Savior Please” and “Before the Morning," an industry award for Songwriter/Artist of the Year, and critical recognition as “the future of Christian pop”—all well before age 30. Josh was born in Arkansas, raised in Texas and now lives in Tennessee with his wife and young child.

  • Citizen Way Citizen Way

    About Citizen Way:

    Citizen Way is a true band of brothers - in the literal sense. This infectious rock four-piece is comprised of two sets of siblings with strong ministry backgrounds and a mutual passion for music that began long before the band officially formed in 2004. Band members Josh and Ben Calhoun and David and Ben Blascoe share a camaraderie that is undeniable and results in a unique, unparalled connection for a band that has plenty to say.

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