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A note from Carmen….

HI Friends! Welcome to the 2020 TEAM FREEDOM page! Before you register and before you read the Q&A (which I encourage you to read thoroughly before registering), I wanted to offer one suggestion if you are considering participating in TEAM FREEDOM. The suggestion is simple, and will make all the difference in the world! It is this: DO THE BUDDY SYSTEM! What do you mean, Carmen? I mean find a buddy that wants to do TEAM FREEDOM with you! Does this mean you can’t do TEAM FREEDOM by yourself? Absolutely not! But, it’ll be more fun with a buddy! And will also hold you accountable to your training and fundraising.

1. How do I register?

Registration is a 2 step process, including the fundraising. Step 1 is to register with Gasparilla. Step 2 is to Register with Team Freedom. You can find out more and/or REGISTER HERE!

2. I'm coming from another city or state- where should I stay?

The Gasparilla Distance Classic takes place in South Tampa on Bayshore Boulevard. There are several hotels located near the start/finish line. The Gasparilla site lists several recommendations HERE.

3. Do I register with Gasparilla as an individual or as a team?

We are an official TEAM! Not only that, but we are also a 2020 Gasparilla Distance Classic Official Charity! When you register on the Gasparilla site, where it says Select Team, select "TEAM FREEDOM/The JOY FM" from the dropdown list.

4. Can I sign up for the Gasparilla Distance Classic and not raise money?

Yes, but you’ll not be part of TEAM FREEDOM. Sorry to sound harsh, but the point of TEAM FREEDOM is to raise money to help fight human trafficking. Please feel no pressure to become part of TEAM FREEDOM. The first time I ran the Princess Half it was for my 40th. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running with a bunch of friends just for fun. I encourage it! However, the goal, purpose, and mission of TEAM FREEDOM is to raise awareness and funding for rescue and restoration of human trafficking victims. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t be running! haha!)

5. Carmen, It’s almost race time, and I wanted to raise $350, but was only able to raise $200. What do I do?

We appreciate your heart and fundraising efforts in the fight against modern day slavery. The funds you raised will be put to good use by Hope For Justice. The fundraising deadline is in place so we can order the participant shirts in time for race day. If you are not able to raise the remaining amount or fund yourself by the deadline, you can still participate in the Gasparilla Distance Classic, but unfortunately we will not have a Team Freedom race shirt for you. We hope you consider joining the team and trying again next year.

6. Where is the money specifically going?

Hope for Justice has active programs in 26 locations across four continents - including here in the USA. Their teams are on the frontlines of the fight against trafficking every day - preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. To learn more about Hope For Justice visit or call 615-356-0946.

7. The registration for Gasparilla is full, but I still want to run.

This has been a question in years past, and might come up again this year. Sadly, this will have to be the answer and I am SO sorry! Here it is: TEAM FREEDOM can only take registrations until Gasparilla is full. The JOY FM is not sponsoring the actual run, so we have no authority over capacity at Gasparilla.

8. How do I get started with my fundraising?

Step 2 in the registration process will be your registration as well as set up your fundraising page. You can email/text the link of your fundraising page to friends/family/coworkers, post it on your Facebook page, or share it in written letters (yes, snail mail still works)! You can host a garage sale, bake sale, car wash etc - there are loads of options and we know you can do it! For tips/assistance ask the veteran team members, see the closed Team Freedom group, check out your Team Freedom Packet, or reach out to the Hope for Justice team!

9. When do I get my shirt/goody bag?

At the Gasparilla Expo at The JOY FM/Hope for Justice Booth. Come see us after you get your Gasparilla bib and shirt!

10. Is there a way I can connect with other members on the Team?

YES! Once you’ve signed up for Team Freedom, we’ll send you an invite to a closed group on Facebook and team members will be reaching out to you. Both of these are great ways to connect!

11. Is this event only for women?

No! Please sign up! Gasparilla and TEAM FREEDOM are open to both men and women registrants.

12. I have an organization that is involved in human trafficking, I want to volunteer, or help sponsor something with TEAM FREEDOM, who do I contact?


13. I have more questions that you didn't answer.

Email or call Hope for Justice at 615-356-0946.

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