Welcome, Chattanooga!

JOY is here, Chattanooga!

Now part of The JOY FM Family!

Hey Chattanooga! We’re your new neighbors. We’re a family of shared hearts, even though we don’t necessarily share sidewalks. Started in Florida in 1986, the JOY FM has grown into a listening family of over 1,000,000 in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and now Tennessee! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be in Chattanooga!

For 38 years, the JOY FM has been helping listeners just like you FIND JOY on the radio (95.3 FM WALV), our free app (click here), and online (www.thejoyfm.com). We want you to give us a try and see what a difference JOY can make! What does finding JOY feel like? Our listeners will tell you:

The JOY FM has been a constant reminder to stay grateful, joyful, and trusting!
- Tiffany C.

It is a joy to hear my kids sing the songs every morning on the way to school. They know every word!
- Marilyn M.

Thank you for helping me find strength to deal with the trauma of divorce.
- Sarah G.

Get to know Dave, Bill and Carmen on The Morning Cruise, as they do real life alongside you every morning, 6-10 Eastern. Candice keeps you company in the midday, and Jayar (sense of humor required) drives you home daily, and on Fridays gives you the Worship Experience.


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Weekdays, 6-10 am       

Dave, Bill & Carmen - We do the morning show on The JOY FM! We love doing life with you each weekday morning from 6-10 a.m.

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Weekdays, 3-7 pm        

JAYAR – Host of “The JAYAR SHOW”  Afternoons on The JOY FM. I came to take over the Afternoon show on the JOY FM in February of 2008. I was born in 1977 outside Seattle, Washington in a little Naval town called Port Orchard. After high school, I spent 2 years in a missions group in Dublin, Ireland. My missions travels included stints in Hong Kong, Austria, and the Czech Republic. I came back to Seattle in pursuit of a radio career which took me from Seattle to Missoula, to Sacramento, Boise, and Nashville. I married in 2002 and we had 3 children all born in different time zones!

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