Jayar Thursday Chats

Jamie Kimmet - September 2019

Jayar chats with Jamie Kimmet for a special Friday Afternoon Chat.

Jamie Kimmet - Tickling The Ivories

Jamie takes on Tickling The Ivories, and Jayar gets to moon walk!

The story of Jamie Kimmet's "Prize Worth Fighting For"

Jamie explains the story and DNA of the song, "Prize Worth Fighting For."

Jamie Kimmet Explains How He Made It

Jayar asks Jamie how a guy from Scotland, is now being played on TheJOYFM.

Jamie Kimmet discusses European Churches

Jayar and Jamie discuss the differences in churches here, now, and across the world.

The Coolest American to Jamie Kimmet

Jamie tells us who he thought the coolest American was while he was growing up in Scotland.

Jamie Kimmet's FULL CHAT with Jayar

Here is Jayar's FULL chat with Jamie.