Jayar Thursday Chats

for KING & COUNTRY - October 2019

For his Thursday Afternoon Chat, Jayar chats with Joel and Luke from for KING & COUNTRY!


Watch the FULL Chat with for KING & COUNTRY here

for KING & COUNTRY - Tickling the Ivories

Neither Joel nor Luke play the piano, so they used the strings to play some notes!

for KING & COUNTRY on How to Deal with a Crisis of Faith

Joel and Luke talk about how dealing with a crisis of faith might not be as big of an iron-clad as we make it.

for KING & COUNTRY Talk Band Culture

Joel and Luke describe what it's like to be apart of their band

for KING & COUNTRY discuss Ministry v. Artistry

Joel and Luke discuss the differences between Artistry and Ministry, and how they manage both.

The Guys of for KING & COUNTRY Need Hobbies

Joel and Luke discuss how they pass the time on the road.

for KING & COUNTRY on Christian Music in the Future

Joel and Luke share who they think might be the top seller in Christian music for the next 30 years.

for KING & COUNTRY's Upcoming Movie

Joel and Luke share about their upcoming film, set to start shooting soon, and the inspiration behind it.

for KING & COUNTRY - Titanic v. Jack Sparrow

for KING & COUNTRY talk about their newest album and brand new world tour and where they found their inspiration.