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Regional Director

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Location:Brandon, FL (Global County)
Company:Crossing Cultures International
235 W. Brandon Blvd., #610
Brandon, FL 33511


General Description: The role of the Regional Director is to oversee personnel, resources, programs, and projects within the countries in his region of the world to ensure that CCI’s mission happens. The person needs to be a follower of Christ, have cross-cultural ministry experience, and raise their own support. This is not a paid position. Countries of Assignment: Multiple Locations: 1) Central America 2) South America; 3) East Asia; 4) Southeast Asia; 5) South Pacific; 6) Africa-north; 7) Africa-central 8) the Caribbean Responsibilities: The responsibilities and duties of the Regional Director include the following: 1) Serves as liaison between the CCI Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the National Directors or Country Coordinators of each country. • Reports to and consults with the ELT via the Vice President of Corporate Operations (VPCO) with regard to all matters under his supervision, including recommending the start-up of new countries and programs and the suspension or closing of existing countries and programs. • Sends Monthly Reports to the VPCO regarding each country’s Ministry Report, Activity Report, and Financial Report. • Communicates with the President and VPCO as needed. 2) Within his region, he shepherds the National Directors or Country Coordinators with regards to vision, ministry expansion, encouragement, training, and accountability for personal and spiritual life growth. 3) Within his region, he works with the National Director or Country Coordinator to ensure smooth, consistent, and quality operation of the ministry. This includes: • Recruits and trains qualified teachers for teaching CCI curriculums, TTW Facilitators, Regional and Area Coordinators. • Oversees and trains personnel to coordinate the inventory, ordering, receiving, shipping of teaching materials, Bibles, etc. • Oversees and trains personnel to coordinate projects for translation and printing of teaching materials and Bibles. • Resolves problems and conflicts as needed. • Oversees the financial budgets of workers and projects in each country. • Prepares budget and project proposals for submission for approval. • Maintains accurate records of: teaching and workshop venues, schedules, number of students, graduations, finances, projects, alumni, etc. • Provides the VPO with testimonies and media for promotion. • Oversees the compliance with government requirements. 4) Performs periodic evaluations on the performance of the following personnel by personal visits and attending TTW’s and local classes, etc. • National Director or Country Coordinator • Regional Coordinators • Area Coordinators • Other personnel as requested by the National Directors and/or Regional Coordinators. 5) Represents and promotes the CCI ministry. • Introduce and share the ministry, the impact of the ministry, and the needs and opportunities of the ministry with conferences, churches, mission agencies, para-church organizations, foundations, seminaries, Bible colleges, individuals, alumni, donors, banquets, lunches, desserts, meetings in homes, etc. • Develop alumni relationships for investing, promoting, and organizing events in their areas. Alumni should give back to the ministry for others to be trained. • Develop donor relationships through fund-raising strategies within the countries and in other countries to help prayerfully and financially support the CCI work in each country. • Develop social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels) to communicate the growth of the ministry in order to create interest and involvement for what God is doing through CCI. • Develop newsletters, personal letters, and communication tools to donors, graduates, teachers, and partners to keep them informed and involved. 6) Recruits, supervises, assigns, reassigns, and removes National Directors or Country Coordinators and Regional Coordinators in consultation with the Executive Leadership Team. 7) Develops a strategy for opening new ministry locations in conjunction with the National Directors or Country Coordinators. 8) Performs other ministry functions within his countries as may be assigned and agreed upon from time to time. 9) Eventually, with sufficient growth of the CCI ministry within a country, he works with the National Director or Country Coordinator to organize the ministry under the laws of the country with a capable and responsible Board of Trustees. Financial Accountability: The Regional Director must accept the responsibility of this position with a commitment to carry out the CCI mission and vision that has been entrusted to him and not change the CCI ministry for his own purposes or financial gain. As a good steward of God’s resources, any financial support received from CCI to facilitate the CCI ministry is not to be used for non-CCI sponsored ministries, businesses, or activities in which the Regional Director may be involved. Financial Structure: 1. The Regional Director is responsible for raising the funds to cover the cost of the ministry. (Salary, benefits, travel, administrative overhead, projects, personnel, ministries, etc.) 2. Ministry related travel, equipment, administrative overhead will be reimbursed monthly via the Monthly Financial Form, if sufficient funds are in his account. 3. Some ministry-related expenses may be requested “in advance” and accounted for with receipts. Approval is needed in advance from VPCO. 4. All ministry funds are to be accounted for in a timely and Godly fashion. Receipts are required for reimbursement.


1. Meets the requirements outlined by 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 2. Lives in accordance with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1-10) 3. Has spiritual gifts in leadership and administration (1 Cor. 12:28) 4. Has education, training, and ministry experience commensurate with the job; has proven pastoral experience 5. Has a good testimony among the churches (Acts 16:1-3), is well-spoken of, has good personal recommendations 6. Is a person of integrity with the handling of finances and ministry (Exodus 18:21; 1 Samuel 12:1-5) 7. Has a cooperative team spirit and is accountable to those in leadership with him 8. Has a vision for equipping leaders and is an effective teacher 9. Is wholeheartedly committed to the mission and vision of CCI 10. Meets the qualifications for National Director and also has the ability to develop leadership, a board of trustees, and understands nuances of various cultures 11. Is called by God to CCI ministry; led by the Spirit through prayer, confirmed by CCI leadership.

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