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Clinical Assistant

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Location:Augusta , GA (Richmond County)
Company:Peak Talent Capital Solutions
1109 Medical Center Dr. STE 7E
Augusta, GA 30909


- Scan previous day’s schedule (containing MD coding) to the billing department - Print out the Doctors schedules and put them on their desks each morning - Chaperone Doctors during breast exams if needed - Get patients from sub-wait, assist them to the treatment room, lab, or checkout when needed - Check daily reminders and correspond as needed - At the end of the day, prep next day schedule with what documentation needed for chart - If CA partner is out, cover all of their duties to include checking and doing reminders - Stagger lunches so that MDs have coverage - Drawing Blood - Input new patient packet information into chart- drug allergies, medication, social history (smoking, drinking, Etc), past medical history, family medical history, and past surgical history -when we receive a refill request from fax server, we send a reminder to the nurses asking them to verify and print the prescription for specialty drugs -Go through patients chart and look at progress notes, treatment plans, etc in order to fill out paperwork. May need to call patients and ask certain questions needed in order to fill out paperwork. - Ask each patient if they have had their flu shot when in the room. If a patient has had it elsewhere, enter it in the chart. If a patient refuses the shot, enter it in the chart.


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