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Veterinary Assistant

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Location:Ocala, FL (Marion County)
Company:All Pets Clinc
1139 East Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL 34470
All Pets Clinic

The purpose of this position is to ensure quality care for pets and promote greater efficiency by relieving technicians and veterinarians of technical and administrative work. The Veterinary Assistant performs a variety of patient- and client-care duties and conducts patient assessments, oversees animals recovering from anesthesia, and performs procedures and treatments. The Veterinary Assistant uses sound judgment when making decisions about patient care, responds quickly and calmly to emergencies, and maintains high standards of patient care. This person communicates clearly with the veterinarians, other hospital personnel, and clients to ensure that patients receive the care they need. Veterinary Assistants are friendly and flexible in the face of varying expectations from clients and coworkers. They multi-task, prioritize tasks well, and think creatively. Veterinary Assistants strongly believe in the quality of care provided and communicate this sense of assurance to clients. The Veterinary Assistant provides for patient and client comfort by keeping the hospital clean and presentable. Must be able to withstand unpleasant odors and noises. May be exposed to bites, scratches, animal waste, and contagious diseases. Primary Responsibilities Patient Care • Cleaning is the primary responsibility of all assistants • Provides compassionate patient care, keeping patients clean, dry, and comfortable. • Alerts the veterinarian(s) to changes in patients’ condition. • Recognizes patients with contagious disease and follows relevant procedures. • Provides safe and effective patient restraint. • Uses proper safety techniques and positioning for radiological procedures. • Recovers patients from anesthesia. • Assists veterinarians and technicians in surgery and dentistry. • Assists with and documents patient treatments. • Walks, cleans, and feeds patients. • Sets up and assists with procedures, such as IV catheterization and other common treatments. • Bathes patients as needed. • Assists with patient admits and releases as needed. • Ensures patients leave in better condition than when they arrived (e.g., clean and with IV catheter removed). • Maintains knowledge of drugs and their uses. • Assists with lab tests as needed. • Completes medical records accurately and efficiently. • Performs procedures such as pedicures and fluid administration. Equipment and Facility Maintenance • Cleans, cares for, and packs surgical equipment properly. • Keeps hospital clean and stocked. • Removes trash from hospital and sweeps and mops floors daily. • Launders soiled blankets, towels, and other linens. • Utilizes in-house inventory control procedures to ensure items are stocked appropriately.

• Education equivalent to the completion of the 12th grade and 18 years of age or older • Demonstrated ability to accurately manage and record detailed information in medical records and other data-management systems. • Ability to properly restrain patients. • Knowledge of spelling and meaning of commonly used veterinary medical terminology and procedures. • Ability to complete assigned tasks in the time allotted without direct supervision. • Demonstrated ability to show empathy toward clients and treat animals with respect and compassion. • Excellent interpersonal communication skills. • A commitment to outstanding client service. • Ability to lift objects weighing 40 pounds without assistance and objects weighing more than 40 pounds with assistance. • Ability to stay on task and work energetically for entire shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day.

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