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The Morning Cruise with Amanda Tress of FASTer Way to Fat Loss

FASTer Way to Fat LossI have had a life long battle with the scale. Even as middle schooler, I was the tallest and the chunkiest. I’ve always been super self-conscious about my weight. I will say that in recent years, I’ve transitioned to worrying less about the number, and focusing more about how I feel. This has been a huge win for me. BUT still… I battle, y’all.

This is where Amanda comes in. I was introduced to her program last year, and this is what I’m committing to for 2020. I think she has the key to unlock all my failed attempts. I believe she can coach me to the victory line by combining lots of what I’ve learned over the last 4 years with her strategies of whole food nutrition, carb cycling, proper exercise, and many other things. To be sure, this is NOT a product sales pitch. She created a program focusing on wholistic health personalized to each person. While other programs have given me short-term success, they were not lifestyle sustaining for me! I believe the FASTer Way will be!

If any of what I have said resonates with you, maybe this could be your answer too! The JOY FM round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss begins on Monday, February 10th, and I’d love for my JOY FM family to do this with me!

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