OFF-AIR with Carmen: Fighting Fear and Anxiety

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This past Monday, after the show, Dave, Bill and Carmen went on Facebook Live and Instagram for a "10:10 check-in". In the online conversation, a suggestion was made to have an episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen about fear and anxiety, considering the circumstances we find ourselves in with the coronavirus. 

So she grabbed Dave, Bill, Jayar and her youngest, Abbey, to share a few different perspectives on fear and anxiety. 

In the clips here, you'll hear Jayar share an analogy of looking for solid ground from a boat. And Bill shares his version of Ian Morgan Cron's SNAP Prayer. To hear the entire episode, visit

At the end of of the episode you'll hear a very special reading of Psalm 23 from worship leaders and artists around the world. Here is the video of that reading: 

Here are some verses we mentioned today:

Psalm 23

Matthew 6:25-34

2 Timothy 1:7

Isaiah 41:10


Dave mentioned the CDC self-checker:


Bill’s SNAP response, adapted from Ian Morgan Cron:

S - Stop and pause

N - Notice how you are feeling

A - Access God’s presence through scripture

P - Pray and Praise 

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