The Morning Cruise Replay - Know What's What

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Yesterday, we didnt get around to testing Carmen's knowledge on the Renaissance, so we finally got around to that. Dave schooled us on sleep and the time it takes to wake up.  Don't know what to do for Mother's Day? Bill has some ideas that he shared with you. You know Tammi as our lifestyle contributor, now you can get to know her a little more as she is the featured guest in the return of Carmen's podcast, OFF-AIR with Carmen. The last hour of the show was spent acknowledging a few folks from 2020 graduates to nurses and teachers. And knowing that schedules are a little different these days, we want to know where you are! 


00:35 Carmen watches a movie 

4:11 Dave and Bill get Carmen ready to learn about the Renaissance 

7:08 Carmen tells us what she learned about the Renaissance in the span of 1 song 

15:54 A Note for Friday 

17:16 How long does it take to wake up? 

21:27 Text Responses on how long it takes to wake up

23:53 Ideas for Mother's Day 2020 

28:44 Some plans for Mother's Day 

30:26 Dave tells us about CoolDad and TobyMac's new song, See The Light 

31:58 Carmen shares from 1 Peter 1:3 

36:58 Tammi shares some lessons she has learned in OFF-AIR with Carmen 

41:27 A Morning Show Meeting for 2020 Grads

45:19 Bill takes us back to the movies 

52:09 Where Are You At? 

54:58 Bill's BIG Word - acknowledgement

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