The Morning Cruise Replay - Take Notice

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

We tend to think that we notice a lot of things around us. But Carmen fessed up to not noticing something her husband did at home. But then Dave called out Carmen and Bill for not noticing something about him over the last week! Bill noticed an "event" happening this Friday, a night of worship hosted by Elevation Worship that he told us about. As this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurses Appreciation Week, we checked in with Jules who has learned a few lesson of her own as she has taken on the role of teacher at home now too! Cooking at home has become more prevalent in the new normal as of late and you may have noticed some of your fruits and veggies going bad. We shared a few tips on food storage with you this morning. Bill also noticed that many people are not wearing their face masks correctly. Video calls have led to a new phenomenon that National Geographic is calling 'zoom fatigue'. Alexa enjoyed our Finish The Lyric video so much, she had to show Bill a little appreciation. And when we asked for responses to the question of where you are, you noticed and shared a variety of answers. 


 00:34 Carmen's in the Dog House 

5:16 Dave's new glasses 

8:13 Elevation Worship Night 

10:15 Jules and her new appreciation for teachers 

19:51 Fruit and Veggie Storage 

24:15 Wearing Face masks properly 

27:10 Zoom fatigue 

31:20 Creatives and meetings 

36:21 Alexa reacts to the Finish The Lyric Challenge 

40:08 Where are you listening? 

43:16 Bill's BIG Word 





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