The Morning Cruise Replay - Flipping The Script

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

If 2020 was a movie, no one could have predicted this script. So today, we flipped the script and asked what you've learned in the first 5 months of 2020. Normally, we hold our FriendRaiser campaign in March, but the pandemic has made us flip some things around. You were kind enough to help us at the end of April with a one day effort and now we'll be holding a 3-day version in a couple of weeks. Dave told the story of one guy who found himself in a real pickle! Bill flipped the script on boredom and offered some praise for it! Carmen's looking for some guests for an unscripted, real conversation on race with her podcast. And lots of people have been talking about the new scripted series following the life of Jesus, called The Chosen. 


Looking for something specific? You can find it at these times: 

00:33 Lessons Learned in 2020 

17:02 Friendraiser 2020 

21:32 Pickle as assault weapon 

26:32 In Praise of Boredom 

36:56 World Bike Day 

40:51 Looking for Podcast guests 

46:33 The Chosen TV Series 

50:23 Open Mic for What I've Learned 

52:29 Bill's BIG Word - pedagogy

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