The Morning Cruise Replay - Under Pressure

Thursday, June 04, 2020

If you're looking for a little escape in the midst of all the pressures you might be feeling these days, our coworker, Luisa, highly recommends The Chosen TV series. The Book of Revelation offers some much needed guidance for many feeling the pressure and Bill offered up a way to read into the lessons of those pages. Dave's wife, Emilie, was a little tense the first time she used her new pressure cooker. She told us about it and what she made for the first attempt. Carmen's feeling the pressure from her Apple Watch and the new monthly fitness challenge she was given. Dave tried to pressure Bill into getting a subscription for a streaming service to satisfy his curiosity with all things, British. Carmen shared how we are gearing up for a very different FriendRaiser. There was a lot of pressure on the folks at SpaceX this past weekend with the launch that sent to American men to the International Space Station. Dave attempted to explain the gravity of it all to Carmen. And in these tense times our society and culture are walking through, Bill offered up a prayer of mercy.

Looking for a specific conversation? Fast-forward to these times: 

00:33 Luisa's take on The Chosen 

4:29 Reading The Book of Revelation 

16:32 Emilie's tension over using her new pressure cooker 

21:37 Carmen's new monthly challenge on the Apple Watch 

25:08 Britbox for Bill? 

28:16 FriendRaiser 

31:10 The Space Race To Capture The Flag 

37:28 A Prayer of Mercy 


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