The Morning Cruise Replay - Filling The Void

Friday, June 05, 2020

As we got started this morning, Bill took the opportunity to share how we will be holding a 3-day version of FriendRaiser, to help fill the financial void that is required to keep the lights on here at The JOY FM. From there, Carmen shared how she will be intentionally creating a void in her weekend with a digital detox. Dave and Bill had so much fun with a conversation from yesterday that they brought it back up today, but it was probably just an excuse for them to geek out on the void known as outer space. On our hearts and minds all week long is the void in the racial divide around the world. Bill shared how one black mother wrote a book to help explain that divid

00:32 e. Carmen's digital detox was also partially inspired by Ashlee Eiland on Instagram, who encouraged us all to take the time to put the phone down and do some thinking about our own words and actions moving forward. There's a good possibility that Dave is trying to fill an empty stomach, as he brought up a couple of conversations on food - specifically, a meat vending machine and his desire for a Po Boy. One way you might want to fill your weekend is by joining us in reading The Screwtape Lettters. Bill was very excited about it, so he set us up with an overview of the C.S. Lewis classic. And flights have been seeing a void in the middle seats with social distancing policies, which will continue, even though some states like Florida are moving into phase 2 of reopening and will allow for more people to occupy restaurants seats. 

00:32 FriendRaiser and the number "4" 

4:37 Taking a Digital Detox 

8:27 Space Station Recap 

14:20 Physics in Space 

16:58 Mother To Son Book 

21:52 Ashlee Eiland's Instagram Post 

26:16 Meat Vending Machine 

30:06 New Orleans Po Boy 

33:14 Haley and The Screwtape Letters 

39:25 The Screwtape Letters Overview 

44:08 Phase 2 of Reopening

48:02 Digital Detox Plans 

52:02 Bill's BIG Word - rhythm



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