The Morning Cruise Replay - Food For The Soul

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

We try our hardest to help you find joy through spiritual nourishment. But, sometimes, we get sidetracked with food. That was the case this morning, as Carmen got us started with a new pizza crust that she can't get enough of. Despite an oven mishap last night, Dave was super happy with the baked potatoes he had for dinner. Bill, on the other hand, had an issue or two with his dinner prep. 

Even with all the food talk, we recognize that music can fuel the soul too. So we shared some new music from Hillsong Worship and Tasha Cobbs Leonard as well as Needtobreathe. 

Carmen shared an inspiring chat that stirs the soul, but she got sidetracked by a different sole in the video. 

Dave shared some news about Tua Tagovailoa and his surprising pick for a celebrity crush, while Bill is excited for the actual return of Major League Baseball. 

Carmen had a word for her sisters to search their soul when it comes to reading some current bestsellers. Bill had a recommendation for a book related to the discussion and then he capped it off with his BIG Word. 


0:33 Cappello's Pizza Crust 

4:18 Dave's oven and baked potatoes 

8:39 Hillsong Worship and Tasha Cobbs Leonard - Awake My Soul 

11:12 Needtobreathe - Who Am I 

13:36 Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man/ Joanna Gaines Shoes

20:14 1 Thessalonians 5:16

21:56 Bill's Dinner Fail 

26:39 Books and Hats Giveaway on Instagram

29:12 Tua's celebrity crush 

33:10 Baseball is back! 

35:29 Watch What You Read 

42:24 Counterfeit Gods 

45:15 Bill's BIG Word - idolatry



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