The Morning Cruise Replay - A Multiplicity of Choices

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

We had lots to choose from this morning as Carmen got us started with a multiple choice of topics to discuss. 

The first topic of choice was all about creepy critters. After that, Bill recognized Dave's choice to one day make it to outer space. But with a hefty price tag, Bill thought Dave would be up for another choice to satisfy his curiosity. While it didn't quite work out, Dave was reminded of a new tool developed by NASA to help us stop touching our faces. 

After that we returned to Carmen's multiple choice offering with a trip down memory lane and our Summer Cruise trips. 

When you think of multiple choice tests, you are immediately reminded of school. And that's where Bill took us as he discussed schools reopening in the fall. That led Carmen to ask a question that we needed to get some tutoring on. 

If you had the choice to win $25,000 by keeping your finger on your phone, would you do it? That was a question that was answered by thousands of people and ended after 70 hours with 4 winners as Dave told us. 

A few months ago, Carmen's family chose a new book to read as a family, and now, as a JOY FM family, we are reading that same book. Bill gave us a synopsis of chapters 16-20 of The Screwtape Letters. 

00:33 Carmen's multiple choice of topics 

02:01 Carmen's creepy critter 

09:19 Eau De Space 

13:00 NASA tech to avoid touching face 

16:08 Memory Lane - Summer Cruise T-shirts 

21:15 What to do with the t-shirts 

25:42 Where to get a quilt and how to get one 

27:08 Schools reopening plans for fall 

33:24 What is Herd Immunity 

35:20 Finger On The App Challenge 

39:11 More Summer Cruise memories 

44:14 The Screwtape Letters Chapters 16-20 

52:25 Bill's BIG Word - agape

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