The Morning Cruise Replay - Last Day Before Summer Vacay

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Morning Cruise will be on vacation for the next two weeks, returning on Monday, August 3rd. So before they said "peace out" for some well deserved time off, they spent today helping you find joy in only a way that Dave, Bill and Carmen can! 

Carmen was surprised by the reaction to the retro Summer Cruise t-shirts. Dave brought new music in from Jonathan Traylor. And Bill shared a thought on being teachable rather than opinionated from Tim and Kathy Keller. 

Carmen spent much of yesterday getting an education and is excited for a return to church on Sunday. Bill gave us an update on the impact of our Prayer & Crisis Referral Line. 

Dave had some news from Coca-Cola for getting their beverages in a contactless way, which had Carmen sharing a product she found out about from the same people that make her key ring. 

Bill remembered civil rights hero, C.T. Vivian, who passed away early this morning at the age of 95. 

Carmen reached out to Siebe Heath for more info on what we thought was a crib for her toddler daughter, but turned out to be a household helper. 

Bill jumped at the chance to tell us about a kangaroo that was on the loose in south Florida yesterday. And Dave pondered the idea of a virtual vacation. 

Before we took off for some time off, Carmen shared a verse that has been sticking with her for a while and then Bill helped us say, "peace out!" 


00:33 Summer Cruise T-shirts 

03:46 New Music from Jonathan Traylor 

10:40 Teachable vs. Opinionated

14:17 Carmen's Day of Education 

21:43 Together in church 

25:11 Prayer & Crisis Referral Line 

28:06 Contactless Coke Machines 

31:14 Hands-free hooks 

34:20 Remembering C.T. Vivian 

37:13 Household Helper 

39:46 Jack the Kangaroo on the loose 

43:33 Virtual Vacations 

47:18 Romans 12:9-10 and BIll's BIG Word 

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