The Morning Cruise Replay - Glad To Be Back

Monday, August 03, 2020

After a restful two weeks of summer vacation, Dave, Bill and Carmen are back in their seats to help you find joy! And just as they are back, teachers across the country are returning to their classrooms for the start of the new school year with kids returning over the next few weeks. 

Dave shared some time with family towards the end of his vacation. Carmen spent some time on the beach and listening/watching sermons online, including one from Christine Caine. And Bill is slightly concerned about his wife and her new habit of naming the houseplants. 

00:35 We're back and so are teachers!

03:01 Virtual classrooms 

05:18 Call from a Kindergarten teacher in Paulding County 

07:18 Nathan's family visiting and Dave's attempt at gluten-free/dairy-free mashed potatoes 

11:45 Soundproofing the water closet 

16:13 Carmen's 44-minute assignment 

17:12 Lessons from Christine Caine's message on The Miracle in Malta 

21:54 Being In The Moment 

25:04 Finding Rest 

30:47 Florida Fire Pit in August 

31:46 Dave watches The Chosen 

39:25 Glad to be back 

40:20 Kimberly names the houseplants 

45:00 SpaceX Splashdown 

48:37 College Football's 10-game schedule 

53:38 the plan for this week 

55:28 Bill's BIG Word - fastidious

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