The Morning Cruise Replay - Who Knew?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

This morning, we not only helped you get in the know on a few things, we also had a couple of tests of knowledge on today's episode of The Morning Cruise. 

One man who traveled to Peru 7 months ago had no idea he would be stuck there without a way to get back home as borders shut for the coronavirus. But now that he's able to travel back home, he was granted special permission to visit Macchu Picchu before he left. 

We are now less than 3 weeks away from the November 3rd election, and if you didn't know, early voting opportunities are taking place for you to vote with your voice. 

You may not know the name, Paige Brown, but for the last few weeks we've been sharing some from her virtual Wednesday Bible Study. 

We all know the board game, Candyland. But, did you know, a version of the game will be coming to the Food Network and hosted by Kristin Chenoweth. Dave gave us the details on the new show. 

Bill was then inspired to play a little Bible trivia game, testing Dave and Carmen on their knowledge. 

Once Bill was done, Dave flipped the script and challenged him to a few obscure Bible trivia questions. 

We didn't know, but today is I Love Lucy Day. Our very own "Lucy", aka Carmen told us about the special day. 

If you didn't hear the news yesterday, University of Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban, was diagnosed with COVID-19. We don't know how they'll handle his coaching duties in this weekend's game, but we'll all find out together. Carmen gave us an update on her recovery, which includes her husband and daughter moving back in while Carmen and Haley have been quarantining. 

We know Bill to be an accident-prone person. That was confirmed in a recent study of names that happen to be the most accident prone. 

And as always, Bill helps us get to know the dictionary a little better with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:33 Single visitor to Macchu Picchu

04:31 Early Voting 

06:53 Paige Brown - 3 things 

10:56 Paige Brown - red flag

14:00 Where To Find Paige's Bible Study 

14:39 Candyland Game Show 

18:34 Bill tells Dave and Carmen about his Bible Trivia Game 

19:55 Deanna calls in to support Carmen 

21:13 Bill's Bible Trivia Game 

27:04 Sudden Death Round 

29:14 Dave comes up with trivia questions for Bill 

30:12 Bill's Pastor calls to support him 

32:32 Bill takes Dave's Bible Trivia Questions 

37:38 I Love Lucy Day 

41:03 Nick Saban positive for coronavirus 

45:05 Accident Prone Names 

49:44 Paige Brown Bible Study 

50:21 Bill's BIG Word 




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