The Morning Cruise Replay - Positively Negative

Friday, October 16, 2020

Being negative isn't usually a good thing, but when it comes to a coronavirus test result, it is good news to hear the word, "negative". That happened for Carmen last night at a doctor's visit, as she has been home quaranting and recuperating from the virus. 

We spent this morning looking at the positives and negatives on today's episode of The Morning Cruise.

Dave wasn't sure if Carmen had seen one movie that is getting a reboot. But when he told her about Reba McEntire being a part of an updated Fried Green Tomatoes, she was positively looking forward to it. 

Reading the Book of Revelation can bring up thoughts of fear and negative, but we are positive you'll want to hear the perspective of Paige Brown in her Wednesday Bible Study. Carmen and Bill shared a few takeaways from her message this week. 

Carmen is positive she has never made a purchase from one particular company. But that didn't stop them from sending her an invoice, which has led, so far, to a rather negative experience. 

Experts in the fields of Science and Religion can usually take a negative tone with each other in debates. Bill shared a new movie coming to theatres for one-day only featuring a scientist sharing his beliefs. 

There's an expletive-laden video going viral this week showing an encounter with a mountain lion. Dave shared the issues from this video that wildlife experts are highlighting the positives and negatives of. 

Bill had nothing but positive things to say about his dinner last night. He shared the recipe for a Turkey Pumpkin Chili

For Carmen, a good night's sleep involves a fan at the foot of her bed. Bill shared a study that highlighted the positives of sleeping with a fan or other white noise. 

And even though a cliffside camping AirBnB has gotten some positive reviews, we're not sold on the idea of this opportunity. 

Even though Bill's BIG Word starts with the prefix 'pro', he tells us how it has a negative connotation. 

00:33 Carmen is "Rona-Free" 

03:34 Reba McEntire and Fried Green Tomatoes Reboot 

06:03 Paige Brown Bible Study Download coming up

06:48 Carmen's Takeaways from Paige Brown Bible Study 

12:22 Bill's Takeaways from Paige Brown Bible Study 

16:01 Carmen's Credit Card Charge from WB Mason 

22:40 Possible Solutions to Carmen's Credit Card Charge 

24:22 Against The Tide Movie 

29:16 A "Rona-Free" Carmen 

32:58 mountain lion encounter 

37:45 Turkey Pumpkin Chili 

40:27 Sleeping with a fan 

43:51 Cliffside Camping AirBnB

47:03 Bill's BIG Word - provincial

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